The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Australian Day -- My last day in Domino

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australian Day -- My last day in Domino

26 of Nov is Australia national day. Every Australian will remember this memorable day, perhaps not only the history parts, but also the "skyworks" (fireworks). This year, according to Perth city Mayer, WA had spent 20 millions on the fireworks for this memorable and glory day. The fireworks started at 8pm and last for half hour at Swan river side.

The fireworks were awesome. Although i seen that a lot back home, i still think its has a different with who you've watching with, the different music playing and theme, and the atmosphere and environment you've watching at. I was on my way to Mill Point when the fireworks had started. I could see them from the wind screen of the car, they've really beautiful. It came with different colors and patterns, shooting from the centre of the river and the top of some top buildings. However, the beauty was only last for a few minutes,then they gone forever.

The awkward feeling came to me again. I had that feeling when i said "good bye" to my domino colleagues. I'm forced to leave the work field because my wrist is hurt. Today is my last day of work and i just wanted to keep the precious moment forever..the moment that working with lots of friends... Shiran, Roshan, Pascal,Charita, Joey, Vera, Rishin and etc... I do hope i can stop the time and treasure the happy moment as long as i want, but i know, the good things never last for long. Just like the beauty of the fireworks.

My dear dominians: Thanks for being with me when i need;Thanks for being kind and forgiveness when i made a mistake; Thanks for making me pizza/pasta/lava cakes when i was staving/hungry; Thanks for being not just my colleague, but friends. I appreciate everything you guys had given to me, and i hope, our friendship do not "gone" forever after i left. Stay in touch, ok?

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