The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: A Break

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Break

I told myself, i have to be strong; I told myself, i can get this through; But, is it gonna work if i keep hypnosis myself that "i'm strong and everything is gonna be fine"...

It's the final call from my chiropractor. She said she is not going to adjust my wrist again if i can't "stop" myself from work. I told her that i need to study during my school starts, i can't avoid writing or typing; During the holiday, i have to work for my pocket money and there is no room for REST. And She said:
"If you wish not to play piano or write again. Remain what you're doing!"

I was shocked during that time. I have no idea that my "clinging" will lead to such a serious consequences. And i ask:
"Can you please give me sometime to tell my manager? At least let me get a chance to say good bye to those people i like being with during my work."

She said:
"Well, it's ok for me. See me again when you settle your stuff. Stop torturing your little wrist."

She doesn't understand, it's a really tough task for me to say good bye to others. She doesn't know how hard it is for me, and obviously she doesn't feel the pain from my broken heart. But i know, for my own good, i need to "leave".

People forgotten always. When you stop showing yourself in front of them, they start forgetting you. They start forgetting your face,name,and lastly, you'll be a stranger they never meet before. The memories faded away when time flies.

I know it is sad to leave you guys... Honestly, this is not something i willing to do but i know, i have to.

"The loneliness always comes after the whoopla"

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