The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Shooting Stars

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shooting Stars

I was borne at the modernest city in Malaysia -- Kuala Lumpur. I grew up in between neon lights, shopping malls and cars. My childhood was different from people who are from small town or village, which they spent most of their leisure time by swimming and catching fishes in the river;playing football at the field; climbing on the trees for "fruits".

Those activities mentioned are not familiar for me because i didn't get a chance to walk into "natural" with my "city kid"'s background. I never seen a snake,frog,bug,leach and etc before besides in the Zoo. My whole life, i have been stick to televisions, playgrounds,computers,radios and card or board games. I don't come home with my shirt with mud and i never get a chance to be scolded by my mum of coming back home late for dinner. I don't get a chance to hang around "freely" with friends out of the house because it's city. City is a place that full with bad guys. This is the environment i been raised up.

Some people might think it's lucky to live in the modernest city of a particular region/country because you tend to enjoy the latest technology and newest infrastructures. You can always have lots of entertainment after work, not like small town, everyone gets into bed before 11pm. City is always a place with night lives and eventually KL, has become a dream place for people who lives in a small town or village to pursue, it's the future settle point for them.

When i came to Perth to study 2 years ago, for me Perth, is a small and quiet city. It's different from where the place i been brought up to. It has the beauty of nature, and that is the 1st time i feel i'm getting closer to our mother earth. I always like to watch the stars when i was at KL. Unfortunately i don't get the chance always because lights are everywhere in the city. Moreover, Malaysia is a highly humid country which you always get to see clouds in the sky. Stars gazing is almost impossible for me because the lights blinded my eyes before i see them glowing. Therefore, i'm appreciate and grateful that i came to Perth because, i get to see my favorite thing -- Stars and constellation as well.

I learned the constellations from one of my ex-housemates and now, the football field opposite my place has become my anger/sadness recovering center. When i feel bad/moody/sad/angry, i'll walk from my dom to lye on the grass... winking to my lovely stars and surprisingly, i got to see 3 shooting stars from the sky. I used to think that shooting stars is bright and white in colors that fall from the sky with a long long tail but i had changed my mind after i experienced it. It's orange red in color that flows across the sky for second/seconds. It disappears before you made your wish.

Although the beauty of the shooting star last only for seconds, i still feel grateful because at least i got to see it 'once' in my life. And, do you guys know what wish i had made?

Hope to see "you" again

And i hope, my dream and wish will really come true and last forever till the day i gone.

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