The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Addiction

Friday, January 8, 2010


Twilight Saga, one of my favorite novel series, had addressed the following scene:
Edward: Promise you wouldn't do anything reckless and stupid; And in turn, i promise u that i will never see you again, just like we never meet.

That is the phrase when Edward tried to break up with Bella, the girl he loves. Non-twilight fans may get confuse, Why Edward has to mention "don't do anything reckless and stupid" to be a part of the "broke up" content? The MAIN reason is because, Edward always shown up when Bella is in danger and helpless. Edward will be right beside her whenever she needs.

After the break up, Edward did keep his promise, he disappears from Bella life. He took away all their photos, CDs, notes, letter, almost everything that can be used to prove they were together once. Bella is in pain. She is depress, upset and got hurt. She miss him so much, and she just don't know what to do to see this guy again. Then, memories remind her that, Edward will always show up when she is in danger. So, she rides on the motorcycle;She jump from the cliff, because in her mind, she can meet her boy again by risking her life.

It seems ridiculous for those people who did that. But in real life, girls/boys did risk themselves to get to see the person he/she loves. But if the boy/girl always respond to the situation, they might got addicted. They will put themselves at risk once again when you refuse to pick up their call, reply sms, hang out with them etc. Reckless and stupid things they did, just to see you again. If you love your gf/bf much, please do not misuse the power of love, and put yourself at risk. If this happen again and again, it is an addiction.

An addiction to hurt yourself.

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