The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Ritesh Birthday

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ritesh Birthday

3 days ago i had organised a birthday party for my flatmates Ritz. Before the party, i did told him that i'm going to throw him a party as his parents are not here to celebrate with him. He rejected me politely at first maybe because he thinks its gonna troubles me a lot but at the end, he changed his mind mainly because of my excitement and passionate.
It was a small party as i only invited all my flatmates: Haylee, Kath, Kelvin and 2 friends from the top and bottom flat, Ivan and CheeHau to join us. All of us had a wonderful "vege" party with JD + Coke/cocktail, and everyone had agreed to get drunk during that night. Of course,no one would ever forget the "birthday cake", which is also ours main party surprise: The Strawberry Chocolate Cake from the Cheesecake shop!! I could never forget Ritz with chocolate cream on his face when we "forced" him to use his mouth to pick up the candle.
After the dinner, that's game session begins. The card games and "true or dare" were wonderful, because that's something u can get to know your "friends" better.... And, last but not least, i do sincerely hope Ritz and the others enjoyed the party! Bravo to our little Zimbabwean, it's time to grow up to a man ^^ Cheers!!

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