The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Sunset

Monday, January 18, 2010


"Do you prefer a sun-rise of sunset?" Answer it with your instinct. If your answer is "sun rise", it means you're a optimistic person; If your answer is "Sunset", it means you're a pessimistic person.

WoWoWo.. I'm not the person who designed the question, therefore please don't ask me why. It's a typical question that asked by a psychologist to identify a person's personality which in turns, explains their characteristics and behaviors that relate to their decision making.

For me, i prefer sunset than sunrise. Maybe because the most direct reason is i cannot wake up in the early morning to catch the sunrise, but i'm definitely awake before the sunset. ^^ But the main reason that i love sunset a lot is, it reminds me that "beauty" is not gonna last forever.

The sunset is beauty and romantic. I wish i can control the time, then i will be able to frozen the "time" and enjoy the beauty and romance forever. Unfortunately, it only lasts for minutes or seconds. The darkness comes after the beauty and romance.

I wish i can learn how to be more grateful, and more appreciation towards things i got/have/own. Because human tends to regret when they lost what they have and they would never learn to appreciate what they have. And i know, without being grateful with what i have, i would not be satisfied with what i have.

I sat on the rock that face towards the ocean, watching the fire ball till it disappeared behind the ocean accompanied by the sound of the waves and sea breeze. Memories started to refill into my head, and i took a deep breath, enjoying the smell carried by gentle wind from the ocean, and i told myself, "it's time to let go..."

Before i left the beach, someone called me and wish to transfer this photo for me. He said: This is the best picture he ever took for the past 2 years. The sadness from my heart has contributed the natural beauty of my character.

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