The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Don't ask that again...alright?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Don't ask that again...alright?

Please don't ask me "Are you ok?" again... Because the standard answer i will give is "No! Am i seems to be ok?"

I'm seriously not OK. I'm seriously sick. I feel like crying every night;feel like want to get drunk;feel like hurting myself so badly. So... After all these, do you still think i'm ok?

I went to a party today. But guess what? I didn't enjoy there.. and eventually, i went back earlier. I don't get a point by staying there because i'm bored and heart broken. But i dunno why.

I know i behave differently these few days, i don't even get an answer for that. So please don't ask me "are you alright?" When you know i'm certainly NOT!

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