The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: My master graduation

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My master graduation

This was my 2nd time participated to my graduation, it's slightly different from my bachelor's one, but the moment of thoughts were pretty much the same.
First of all, I have to thank my parents who are supporting me always for my today's acheivement. Seondly, I would wanna thank my friends and classmates that help me a lot at my studies and study's life. I would be able to make it without any backups from you guys. Thirdly, I need to thank god which always appointed someone to be with me when I needed or in troubles. I won't be able to survive if you guys are not around. Finally, thanks to all of my friends who came to my graduation tonight. It means a lot to me.... I appreciate the friendship between us and I would never forget you guys... Muaks.....

The video which shown during the ceremony was really touched.It highlights your uni's life from the day you received your offer letter till you graduation ceremony. All the places you had been hang around at during your uni's life; the people and friends you met; and the time you struggled with your exams. Finally, all the hardworks had been valued, I'm ready to get out from school to serve my community!! I gonna miss curtin uni a lot, as well as my fellow mates and lecturers.

The ceremony was ended with a song "time to say goodbye" and fireworks. It's time to say good bye to uni... Such a hard feeling today...

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