The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Most Expensive meal i had in my life

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Most Expensive meal i had in my life

It was the most expensive dinner i ever had in my life. At least it was for me for the past 23 years. Can you ever imagine a dinner which costs you about RM3900 was like?

I never had the thoughts in my mind for the past 23 years until last week - My nanny's grand-daughters'(they are twins) birthday. We had our "family dinner" (roughly 12 persons)at a Japanese Restaurant named Hajime in KL city center.

The foods and beverages were fabulous. Besides all the sashimis and miso-soups (normal Japanese food), we had something special for that night - Whale and Horse Sashimi. I'm ok with all the "fishes" sashimi but definitely not WHALE (it's mammal)and HORSE!! I don't even dare to put the whale and horse slides into my mouth but my nanny, who is about 70 years old this year, kept persuading me to have them.

"Jia, you have to be adventures. Try some new things, something you would never had before."

Then she put a slide of whale 'meat' in her mouth, chewing. And she said to me "believe me, it tastes like PORK!"

I was kinda helpless and told my nanny " I'm full. I would had "it" if i'm still with empty stomach."

"Come on..such a waste Jia. Perhaps next time you should come with your parents and try it."

I was smiling and replied "I'll if we have a chance to." Although i knew on the spot we would never walk in to this restaurant. It is a great and grand place which only rich people can afford. Those modest family, just like me, we never walk in to those restaurant, no even intend to find out where it is.

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