The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Job Interviews

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Job Interviews

Recently i been to a few job interviews. Here are somethings i would like to share with you guys =).

Interview 1
Interviewer: Hi. Thanks for coming the interview. Can you do a brief introduction of your self?
Me: Hi. Sure. My name...... etc etc....

After some personal details verification...

Interviewer: Can i know your horoscope?
Me: Er..Excuse me, what would you like to know?

Interviewer: I mean your horoscope.Pieces, Scorpio, and etc.
Me: Oh, you mean western horoscope. May i know why you need to know my horoscope?

Interviewer: Oh, because i only work well with certain horoscopes. Besides, people from particular horoscope are more lazy compare those aren't. I just want to make sure whether you can work well with me or not.
Me: >.< lll

Interview 2
Interviewer: What is your race?
Me: Chinese

Interviewer: Are you Buddhist, Christian, or?
Me: I'm Buddhist

Interviewer: Do you pray?


  1. Dear, y ur interviewer asked u such funny question. At the end, they still recruited u as a Sony's staff.. Congratz!!!

  2. yea..
    i choose Sony, Sony choose me...

  3. Just to clarify:

    Those questions are not ask by Sony during my interview.