The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Crab Island 1 day trip

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crab Island 1 day trip

I was invited to Crab Island (as so called as Pulau Ketam) last Sunday by a friend who grown up there. 14 of us were gathering at Port Klang and then heading towards "crab island" by shuttle boat.

Crab island is famous of it's crab (this is for sure) and all the houses are built up on the muddy land. You can't get any cars on that place but only bicycle and motorcycle because the road was too narrow, it just won't fit in a car. However, you'll find many boats, sampan (canoe), speed boat, and ferry.

<---- We're on the ferry to the end of the village

We are lucky because the weather on Sunday was awesome. It was a great Sunny day without much sun shines and the most important is, it didn't rain at all as most of our activities has to be conducted in an outer space.

We had Pulau Ketam's most famous Nasi Lemak, Chicken rice, Shrimp cake and some Yao Cha Kuih before we proceed for "crah fishing". I won't called this activity as Crab catching because we're not "catching" the crab by net or bucket but, we make our own "fishing rod" to "fish" the crab. It was really a challenging task which requires tons of patient. At the end, i manage to "fish" two little one.

Crab "Fishing" .

The views along the island is awesome, you can still find buildings which are built on with very deep Chinese culture. Besides, the people in the island are nice as well. They're very friendly to us and even buy/make us food.

But there is one thing i do not like it for so much. Pulau Ketam is just like a trash can. Everyone can throw any rubbish on the ground, even pee and poo on the land. That's yucky, isn't it?
I have a joke with a friend (tong) who came along with me and we both agreed that: all the seafood we going to have later, they grown up by eating "sai" (poo). So, indirectly, we're consuming shit as well...
It sounds very gross, but in fact it's truth..

I'm glad that i have a chance to visit this small village and i hope in future, i got a chance to come back again.

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