The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: My ever 1st Winter

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My ever 1st Winter

It is the 1st time i experienced how winter is like
It was 3 years ago
It was 2007 July
I would never know how winter is going to be until i left Malaysia
To continue my study in Perth, Australia

During Winter Time
Night comes a lot earlier than i though
Stars are on the sky when it's 530pm.
Luckily that i was not walking home alone after class

During Winter Time
It is cold
no matter day or night
sometimes it comes with rain
sometimes it comes with just strong wind
Although Sun is out there
But i still have my scarf surrounded on my neck
And long thick jumpers

During Winter Time
We, a bunch of us
We love to go to China Town
And have Steamboat for our dinner
Sitting at the round table with beers and hot steam soup
That's the ever best you can have in the Winter

During Winter Time
You just lazy to wake up in the early morning
you're just too depend on the heater in your room
Rolling under your thick blanket
You'll curse someone that arrange your lecture class at 8am.
Sometimes hot shower doesn't make a good different
You're still sleepy after all

This is my winter experience
That i will never forget for my life.
Although Australia is not snowing
I still can feel the winter is coming.
I miss the winter that i had before...

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