The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: 20 Nov

Saturday, November 20, 2010

20 Nov

It's 20 of Nov again...
The date remains the same for me every year besides, the last 4 digits are increase when time goes by....

My 20 of Nov started to be different 7 years ago...
It's a day that full with happiness and sadness
For me, particularly.

7 years ago,
I was sitting for my SPM (O-level) exams
My ever last paper was held on 20-Nov...
It is Chemistry Paper 3

I remembered in the early morning
All of the candidates were still studying all the experiments we did for the past 2 years..
Hopefully all the Purpose of the Exp, Hypothesis, Observation, Steps, and Conclusion were written correctly.

It was in the afternoon..
We heard the school bell rings...
Followed by the exam invigilator's voice:
"Masa dah sampai. Sila letak pan atas meja dan berhenti menulis" (Candidates, Times Up. Please stop writing and put your pen on the table"
That's the most happy moment we all share...
Finally... SPM was finished!!!
SPM was finally done within 3 weeks.
We're all graduated from high school and...
Parties come Later...!!

For me...
I'm happy because the exams were done
But something makes me more excited than the exam was finish
Today it's my boyfriend's birthday as well... =)
I can't wait to celebrate and meet him at the corner of our floor's corridor.
He told me he needs to celebrate with his friends today... he'll call me again..
But, it doesn't matter...
I'm going to Mid-Valley to grab him presents.
I gonna buy him a special thing after months of money saving.
After i got the present, i even delivered to his house and pass to his mum.
I went home happily.....
It was the ever bliss and happiest moment i had...
The guy that i fall in love for my ever 1st time..

Night time..
He called me in the middle of night.
I remembered it was just 10 past 12.
It takes for a while for him to tell me the truth:
"He wants to break up with me"

20 of Nov
That's a day that full with happiness and sorrows..
For me, at least it is..

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