The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Welcome 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Welcome 2011

I was away from home for the past few year during the new year. I was traveling around with friends and also stuck in Australia during my Uni time.

This is the 1st year i'm back again, celebrating new year with my family. Since dunno when, i started to hang out more with friends than my parents. I use to feel that, i'm more close than my parents than my friends because they understand what i'm trying to do and say. Besides, from the way we communicate, we're under the same channel.

But when days go by, i start to have a feeling that i need to spend more time with my parents. May be because when i saw them getting older, i have a fear of losing them. It seems like i'm having a race with the death rep, i wish i have another 30 more years to be with them before the track has come to the end.

Nothing much special for me this year, no gathering, no fireworks seeing. Just the 3 of us, have a meal and watched movie at home together. Enjoy the time being together, i bet this is the best i can show my appreciation towards them.

May happiness will always be with them. Health and Wealth come after next.

Happy New Year, Welcome 2011

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