The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Aftershocked (TangShan Earthquake)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aftershocked (TangShan Earthquake)

唐山大地震 (Aftershocked/ TangShan Earthquake)

A movie directed by 冯小刚 from China regarding the most serious earthquake ever happen in the world in 1976, 28 of July, 3.42am.

More than 30 million people were death in this incidents. It is an non erasable memories for all the people that had survived from that/who have witnessed this natural disasters.

The movie begins with a twin bro & sis were living happily with their parents in TangShan. Before the earthquakes, most of the people saw there are many dragonflies that fly across the street, which that never happen before. At the same day midnight, the earthquake has happen. The father of the twin bro-sis are scarified when he tried to get into the building to safe his children. Both the bro-sis were trapped under a concrete and waiting for rescue.

Here comes the tough decision for the mother. Both the bro-sis were trapped under the same concrete and rescue team was unable to save them both. Mum has to make a choice to choose either the boy or the girl. At the end, she has chosen to save the boy. The girl heard exactly what the mother said. Her heart was so broken after that.

At the end, she was survived in a miracle. But the decision made by her mum was just affected so much of her life. It changes her personality from a hippy to a person who resist to communicate. After the earthquake, she was adopted by a soldier family. She can't forgot what her mum did to her although she was still young at that time.

She told nothing about this incidents to her step father and mother. This makes her step father and mother though that she might have a post-traumatic symptoms, which cause her memories lost about all before and during the earthquake.

But one day, in a very rare occasion, he told her step father that, she did not mention a word regarding this to them is not because she had forgotten all her past. The main reason is because she can't forget what had happen.

For those who hasn't watch this movie, i recommended this so much to all of you guys. It's a very touching movie and i believe, after watching this movie, you'll know how blissful you're right now. As what the mum quoted in the movie "you'll never know what you lost until you lost them. that so call a lost"

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