The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Do you Believe?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do you Believe?

I'm a "princess" back home. I don't need to clean my house, do my laundy, cook my own meals, and even iron and fold my own shirt. I'm well served for my entire life and things start to change when i came to Australia.

I need to pick up all these when i start living by myself, without mummy and daddy (i don't have a nanny at home and still, i live like a "princess"). I did some housework when i was staying at the hostel of course but just not too often because I only do it when i feel like doing it. I don't go for laundry unless i'm out of clothes and undies. I don't even iron my own suit if there is not party ahead. So..That's me!!

But things change when i moved to my auntie place. I hang out the shirt for her after she did the wash; I cook for them when auntie is not around; I iron their clothes when i have free time (instead of watching movie, i did all these); I clean and tidy the house for the coming CNY. That is kinda weird for me because i never did this back home and i do these today just for????

I've been wondering this for long. Am i doing this to please my auntie and uncle? Or just to get their heart before i get their son? It looks like a perfect plan thought,in fact, it wasn't a plan!!! I do this because i like to see their happy faces!! I feel great when i able to feed them with food when they're starving; I feel good when they get home and found out the clothes are ironed; I feel happy because i can contribute a little to this family and make everyone happy.

I'm doing this because i feel happy. Can you believe i'm doing these? a maid job for a "princess"?

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