The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Friday, 13/01/2012 What a "lucky" day

Monday, January 16, 2012

Friday, 13/01/2012 What a "lucky" day

I wonder why such a bad luck incident will happen on me, before I realize it's Friday the 13th.

I was kinda frustrated and upset with the comments made by the Perth Manager during the morning video conference. But due to the 'face saving' culture thing, I didn't throw my anger on the spot to her. However after the meeting, my frustration and upset doesn't go away as I feel the comments are unfair for me. Thus, I started the 'discussion' of this comments made in the meeting room. I was very emotional and got really pissed off during the presentation untill i needspilt hour out the 4 letter words "fuck off". Perhaps it was just not my lucky day, our conversation was heard by the Perth members as the mic in the VC room was not offed.

After the conversation, the Perth Manager called up my KL Manager to 'understand' what had happen to me. Then, I was counsel by the both managers after the phone called.
The Perth Manager told me not to feel upset as this is a project, and it happens a lot in project. And her comments were not personal ( I think this is bullshit as she mentioned my name, my package and even tells me " I should do this.....") .
The KL Manager is kind enough to put his comments on this case after he listened to my explanation and thank god, he is with me instead of siding the Perth Manager. But he gaves me good advise by telling me that: Sometimes people address comments in a very unpleasant way. Therefore, it's good to let the person who made such unpleasant to know what he/she has done to us by making an appointment to spill it out face to face.

Although both parties seems not to 'punish'me in this incident, I know this is not the end of the story. I'm ok after the feeling is expressed, perhaps I'll get some 'punch back' some days after. Let's see....

The lesson learnt for this incident: be more self-control and not to expressed the 4 letter words no matter how upset you're and, never talk bad about others behind, even thought its a truth.

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