The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Hong Kong Vacation Between Christmas & 2012 New Year

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hong Kong Vacation Between Christmas & 2012 New Year

The 1st Reaction that I seen from friends/colleague when I told them I'm going to Hong Kong during Christmas and New Year Holidays!

Friend/Colleague: "Unbelievable" Why Hong Kong comes in a sudden?

Friend/Colleague: Are you traveling with your parents?
Me : Nope. I'm going alone..."
Friend/Colleague: "SHOCK".

Friend/Colleague: What's wrong with you, Yi?
Me : I need a break... desperately needs a break.

I just want to run away from my work desk & family for a short period as I'm under pressure and stress too much.
I 'm not "well" treated in my working environment and I need something that gives me faith & courage to carry on.

Thus, Hong Kong it's the destination.

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  1. Good choice, we can't push ourselves too tighten. Even though only short break, it's very helpful for us.