The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: I feel I'm such a useless & careless person

Friday, September 2, 2011

I feel I'm such a useless & careless person

Feeling kinda helpless today....
Some kind of hopeless feeling towards myself...
I wonder why
I made such silly mistakes?
Or perhaps I should just say:
"Why I'm such a careless person?"

My job requires me to be "careful" on certain areas...
And I did "pay" extra attention on those particulars that needs to be "correct" at the first place..
But somehow, errors slipped under my eyes
I have no way to defend what I have made
But to try my best
not to repeat this mistake in the near future

Still carry lots of guilt with me...
I feel I'm just some kind of incapable person for my manager

I was great when I was with my ex company...
I was Brilliant, Excellent, and I earned my respects from the others
My ex HOD, Division & Sector Head do likes me because of my capability...
I wasn't such a "useless" person before.....

I wonder...
Why I'm such a useless person in my current work....

Hope tomorrow gets better than...
*Finger Cross*


  1. whats ur job like?

  2. Everyone will make a mistake. But, the important is must know to learn from the mistake and make sure you will not repeat the same mistake in future. So, don't worry and be happy.

  3. I do agree with your "statement", everybody makes mistake..
    It's just a learning progress, right?
    But some mistake was not meant to be happen... And it happens on me. This is not something so good.

    I'm working as a purchaser in my company. ^^

  4. no worries.... im sure you will do very well in ur job.... mistakes do happen, but to realize it n never repeat it is kind of learning process that one needs to go through...

    I would like to quote a phase here "people who makes no mistake makes nothing".....

    chill out n be happy.....

  5. I'll keep that in mind, anonymous... ^^
    Hope my "mistake" this round will not cause too much of problems for the others...
    *finger cross*

  6. not too wworry too much.... cheers...

  7. whats ur job scope as a purchaser? is it a tough job...

  8. Hi Ryan: Thanks for your encouragement!!

    Ad Matt: Life being a purchaser is challenging and interesting.
    You need to make sure that the item you the item is purchased at the right time, right place, with the right prize.
    Involve lots and lots of chatty sessions everyday. If you're an outgoing person, I guess Purchaser will be a job that you enjoy too. ^^

  9. seems like an interesting job.....

  10. purchaser in what field?