The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Use what you're gifted wisely

Monday, September 5, 2011

Use what you're gifted wisely

I called you yesterday when I was in the shopping mall,
To remind you that we still have a "date".

I knew you're going to further study in UK the end of the month,
I just wish that I can meet you up and say "good bye" before you leave...
And nevertheless, a gift that I wanna pass it to you.

I still remember the day that I met you in my life:
You've a shy boy which didn't talk much.
I can see that thoughts were running across your mind, but you had chosen to remain silence.
I was a shy girl at that time,
which I wish to talk to you and know you better.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to approach you further.

Few years time, you had changed a lot.
You're now a charming talkative person.
I can see from you, you're a gifted potential sales person.
The bright shine star that going to be discovered in the "Sales" Industry.
You must have no idea the way you expressed your thoughts and approached others,
You can make someone to fall for you, unintentionally.

You're such a person who capable of:
Getting the bird on the tree to fly to you,
to peel off its fur for you,
and climb back the tree as you wished.

Not much young girl can resist themselves from you
And I believe what I wrote here
it's worth you a credit.

But be aware in mind,
Use what you're gifted wisely..
You'll be just as successful as I thought.

Sammy... Good job.


  1. hi.... good post.... way to go....n i agree with the phrase use what you have been gifted wisely.... good one....