The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Shut myself from People

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shut myself from People

I knew a friend recently in my new joined office. His name is Albert Dominic Sebastian.
I have no idea how can an Indian would be given such a western name until I found out that he is a Roman Catholic.

I have no much idea about this person before I met him in personal, I though he is a white guy from Europe/Oceanic but at the end, he is just a Malaysia-Indian.
I have no idea how we get to so close, perhaps it's all about god's direction.

He is such a lovely cute person, especially when he gave me some advise about relationship today:
He wants me to consider someone good, do not always reject my options, etc etc.
He was funny while he was giving his "lecture" to me like a father... you need to get married at what age, and bla bla bla bla...

I was replying in such a "careless" manner but on the other hand, I did take in his advise seriously. I wish to tell him what I had been through, but the hesitation stop me from that.

It's hard to tell why I had shut myself out from people...
It just when you've tore off into pieces... It's hard to glue it back in perfect, just like it wasn't broken before.
Wound takes time to heal, but the scar will remind what you have been through.


  1. which office? where?

  2. that guy seems to be a nice guy... good advise...

    but i agree with you scar will remain...

  3. Office means my work place... ^^

  4. i mean at australia.... ur office...
    and this guy albert,, how old is he...

  5. Hi Anonymous, I'm not quite sure who is you as you do not leave a name (not even a nickname), Hope that you don't mind I address you in this way.

    Well, Albert is one of my colleague.. We're not that close yet to share on our personal things.

    What makes you so into this "Albert"?

  6. no problem......mayb its just the name itself....

  7. ur collegue has the same name with me..... the only difference is my dad's name is Matthew.... first time hearing someone with same name....

  8. Wow~ What a coincidence there..
    So now i knew 2 "Albert Dominic" here... ^^
    Nice to know you here... ^^
    Wish you have a wonderful weekends..

  9. great weekend to you 2,,,,