The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Anyone can be Lier / Cheater

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Anyone can be Lier / Cheater

It doesn't matter who you are,
It doesn't matter how you dress,
It doesn't matter either what is your profession,
You can still be a Lier or Cheater....

I hate it so much when:
You said you gonna call me back, and you didn't;
You said you gonna hangout with me next week, and you didn't;
You said you gonna have lunch / dinner with me, and you didn't show up;

No apology, no guilty and no offense;
It was just me, that took things seriously.

I would have take things easily,
If I don't value a single thing between you and me...
I would have just say NO.....
If I have no intend to maintain our relationship;
I would have just STOP picking up your calls,
If I have decided to let you go...

Before I STOP all connections with you,
Do take our relationship seriously....

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