The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: What i suppose to do?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What i suppose to do?

You shown up at my place yesterday.You've crying and told me, you can't afford to lose him, you're heart-broken. He ran away with another girl from you both engagement party. He left you with all your honorable guests, including his parents and you've no idea how to deal with this embarrasses situation.

I'm shock. I have no idea how to stop you from crying, not even any words to comfort or make you feel better. Because i did warn you that. This is something gonna happen if you decided to engage with him in rush, especially when he is still in complicated relationship with his ex-gf. But you refused to take my advises because you think, it's better to "bind" him up before he regrets. Then, he'll slowly get rid over his ex-gf when time goes.

And i asked you another question: If he ran away from the engagement party/held back during the engagement in front of people, are you still cool with it? You said:" No regrets. You have no idea how much i love him. I willing to give up anything for him, including my life and soul."

Then i said: Well, you did aware of that he is with you might due to the fact that you've with him when he needs someone to talk or be with. He fell on you might because he thinks it's bad to leave you when he doesn't need you anymore. He is now with you does not necessary because he loves you, might because of responsibility or just a mistaken thought that he didn't realise as well?

You said you're aware of everything, and you still decide to be with him because you can't afford to lose him. You willing to bear with any consequences you'll gonna face in future if you choose to have the engagement party in a hurry. You just wanna to be his "fiancee" as soon as possible to put away his "ridiculous" thoughts - Tried to get back to his ex-gf.

You still crying... i'm still patting your back and head, hug u in tight. You said you lose the battle. You're heart-broken. The pain is driving you crazy...

You knew it's highly possible you'll be heart broken. But why you still choose to hurt yourself in this way? You knew he will ran away if his ex-gf shown up, didn't you? I'm upset when i saw you with tears. I knew the pain because i have been through it. But what i suppose to do to calm you down? Or even to support you?

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