The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: How to forget you?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to forget you?

It is a hard night for me again....
I wonder
How long I'm gonna take
To walk out from the past....

 will Time to able toget me through?
Shouldn't be enough for 5 years?
Apparently it isn't
Or else I won't be writing the post

It's true that I had forgotten how he looks like
His breath, his fragrance, his phone number etc...
But the pain he caused on me
I can't never forget
Even it was 5 years ago
And it is still real for me

I can't help hugging myself at night
Crying out loud under my winter quilt
Till I felt asleep....

How many nights more
I need to get through
Just to forget the pain
That you brought to me?!


  1. Never look back whatever pain you have been going thro. It is passed. Be fair to the one who love you now. Please appreciate them...

  2. Thanks for your comfort. However, i disagree with your statement, because the pain is not a past tense. If its still with you, it has been been "pass through".
    Everyone has their "time" to get rid over the past, some takes 5 mins, some has to take 5 years or etc and its always depend in individual.
    I didn't not overlook those who're always love and be with me, it just i can't take anymore than that.