The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Happy Valentine Day

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine Day

14 of Feb
A day which girls dream to receive roses from their love one. Indeed, the same goes to me too.
But the chances that I'll receive roses from someone is minimal as, I'm not seeing or engage with anyone. I though 2012 will be another boring & lonely Valentine but, surprise happen on the 13th of Feb.

I received a bunch of roses from a deliver man, in my office!!
I was in a shock as I didn't expect it to happen. I don't know what to react but signed on the paper which put in front of me by the deliver man.
When I grabbed my flower back in office, I can hear the Woo-laa from everyone.

I'm so happy to receive flower from the sender.
It is a nice bunch of flowers and this is the first time i received roses in the office.
Thank You so much to BW... You're such a wonderful and lovely person I ever met... ^^

I hope you did get your wife a bunch of flowers too.. ^^


  1. It's a bunch of beautiful rose. But, hopefully
    you can receive more beautiful one in next year from real lover.

  2. I wish to get a good Valentine too... ^^
    We'll see how...
    Indeed, it's a very nice bunch of roses.