The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: i'm not ok for today

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i'm not ok for today

Frankly to say that, I'm not a person who is good in hiding my emotion. I have no idea why, when my mood wasn't there, it just shown up on my face.

That's some silly questions that I always received from others: Are you ok? I can feel you're unhappy/crappy/looks bad on your face. Seriously, are you ok?

I just ran out of mind, how am I going to answer for that?
Just to let everyone feels better, I was forced to say: I'm fine, no worries. Cheers.
Indeed, I'm not happy, I'm not fine. Everything is just a white lie.

Just like what had happen today, I'm not feeling good. I feel so bad as I found that someone that I care, not to respond my sms/email just because he thinks that he doesn't need to response on that. He feels. It's all about his "feeling".
I just feel so bad that I look at him today. Didn't he know that I'm actually waiting for this reply?
I believe the answer will be "NO".

When he shows his "care" to me by asking "Are you ok?" I just don't feel like to answer. I knew what I split out from my mouth will just be a lie. It's such a hard kind for me to tell the truth, "I'm Not OK!" to someone who I cared

Anyway, it doesn't matter for now, he does not require to know for that.
Finger Cross that I'll feel better and be happy for tomorrow onwards!!

Cheers YJ. ^^

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