The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: Does friend suppose to do that to a friend?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Does friend suppose to do that to a friend?

We met 3 or 4 months ago. You've my friend's flatmate. It is a pleasure to meet you, especially we're from the same country - Malaysia. We been party all the time, watching movies at home, we went out together and etc. Lots of good memories are still with me till now.

But i don't understand, why you have to keep saying something to "make" me feel guilty? Or this is the "techniques" you're trying to get my attention? don't you think it's a little childish to do that?

I'm been tolerating you. I tried to cover and explain to others about your "weird" actions. I even tried to understand you by putting myself into your positions, but i don't understand, as a friend, why you have to say something which might make me feel guilty or discomfort?

I was sick and ill. I was hang over for the night and i seriously suffered from the bloody alcohol. So, it that my fault that i can't hang out with you because i'm ill?? If it wasn't, why you have to mention that "I'm so sick about your tiredness?" Or "kinda expected and i don't think i gonna see you anytime soon, Take Care!"

Are you trying to make me feel "bad"? Or i should be "guilty" for not seeing you? As a friend, you don't make your friend feel bad but you wish they feel better. You always hope your friend can feel better or get better instead of getting worst. But from what i seen on you, you're trying to make me bad, and is this what a "friend" should do to a "friend"?

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