The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: My mistakes

Friday, January 15, 2010

My mistakes

I am speechless today.... A talkative gal is speechless for just today. I always have lots of things to talk about and gossip around, but just today, i'm tired of chatting with people. Perhaps admitting mistakes is still something i need to learn to do.
I came back from work at 9pm, i was upset and depress. i knew i had made a mistake during my shift, and for most people, it's fine and ok. As what most of my co-workers said: Just make sure you don't make the same mistake again. Learn from your mistake, this is how you grow.
And yet, i still feel bad. My mistake had given troubles to my colleagues and loses to my company as well. I took the wrong order from the customer. He needed a delivery services but i had chosen "pick up" in the computer menu. The service was late to customers, and it was all my fault. At the end, someone has to cover up my mess. My "idiocy" causes unnecessary work loads to people, and i don't know how to forgive myself.
i was panic when i got the call from customer. I certainly knew that he was ordering a delivery service. At the mean while, i just don't know how to do to "correct" my mistakes, i wished i could, but i don't know how. Then, i made another mistake by giving the wrong changes to customers.
2 mistakes for today, is more than enough to drive me crazy. This is not the matter of making mistakes, is all about why i made the mistake. i can't forgive myself for making such mistakes, because i wasn't suppose to. If i could be a little serious in working, or perhaps i'm not so careless, i might be able to avoid that.
i need time to review my mistakes... I can't stop blaming myself.

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