The Quiet Moment for Thoughts: I'm not kidding

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm not kidding

We always forgotten or we simple don't have the memory in our mind how we came to this world. We have no idea how much pain we cost for our mum to deliver us to this wonderful world, not even a clue that how much our mum and dad suffered during the pregnancy time and all these pains and suffers are just to bring us to this world.

Look at what we're doing now? We smoke when we're under pressure; We drink like crazy because it's what party "means" and get ourselves; We have sex with someone we've unfamiliar because we're upset, happy, stress, or etc. Did anyone ever think that: All these actions can kill us one day?

I think a lot of people do but still, why we shall restrict to what we're doing since we're all dying...Eg: Smokers know they gonna die for lung cancer, stroke, heart attack.. But, so what? We gonna die some how, right? i don't get to choose to live or die because eventually we're going to die at the end. So, why don't we enjoy what we're having right now? Drink as much as we want;Smoke as heavy as we could. This is life..

I don't understand...why people are such irresponsible? being such a selfish person? Why you only think about the pleasure and fun about yourself? how about those people who care about you? Do u ever think that, how heart broken they feel when they watched u die? Did u ever feel that pain?

If you did..Please.. Love yourself.. Stay healthy and be happy.

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